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I’m Stephanie Gil, the owner and Acupuncturist at Acutrition. 


I am NCCAOM Board Certified with a Masters In Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors in Science.



For over 15 years, I  have been studying the importance of supplementing with vitamins & minerals with the focus on regulating deficiencies and toxicities.


Becoming an Acupuncture Physician has allowed me to put all my knowledge into practice and has given me the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills to help my patients.


At Acutrition, I offer an array of services to help you heal faster and feel healthier than ever.


My professional services include:


  • Acupuncture treatments

  • Blood  work to determine and correct nutritional deficiencies

  • Hair Sampling to scan levels of toxic metals and/or mineral deficiencies

  • Hormone Testing

  • Homeopathic injections, including B12

  • Mesotherapy

  • MicroNeedling/ Nano Needling

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound 

  • Fire Cupping 

  • Facial Cupping 



My passion is healing each person as an individual. I strive to find the right treatment options for a specific person instead of a specific symptom. 


I know I can provide the relief you desire.


Let’s get you feeling healthy!

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