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What is Cupping Therapy ?

The Cupping therapy I perform is Fire Cupping. This is when cups are made into a vacuum with the use of fire and applied to the body. This suction brings blood flow to the area and leaves purple bruise like marks. These marks tend to subside anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the person. Tight and stressed muscles get relaxed and many people find it as relaxing and as effective as a massage. Most people do not find cupping painful at all but you might feel a little sore such as the soreness you feel after a deep tissue massage. 


What are the Benefits of 

Cupping Therapy ?

Improves Blood Flow • Improve Immunity by Increasing Lymphatic Output • Reduces Inflammation • Calms the Nervous System • Stretches Muscles & Connective Tissue • Loosen Restrictions & Adhesions in the Tissue • Provides Relaxation • Optimize Athletic Performance • Improve Overall Wellbeing 


What should I do after cupping? 

It is advise to stay hydrated after cupping and acupuncture as well as not leaving the cupped area exposed to cold air.

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