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How will I feel after my treatment?

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Most people leave feeling very relaxed.

After acupuncture treatment most people are very calm, relaxed and feel euphoric.

You might feel like napping as your body is healing.

You may or may not feel better right away. Acupuncture causes a lot of chemical reactions in the body and everyone deals with it differently.

Although, the needles have been removed the effects of acupuncture are still working. It is advised to relax, mediate, read a book or just sit quietly after treatment. Do not participate in strenuous activities and exercises.

For the next 2 or 3 days your body will be healing itself. Some people may experience flu-like symptoms, aching, mild headaches and slight fever and/or a short term flare up in symptom. This is due to the healing process, also know as the healing crisis, so do not worry if this occurs to you as it is a completely normal reaction. It should subside within a few days.

Do not use ice to alleviate any symptoms as this will slow down the healing process. Make sure to stay hydrated to facilitate the detox effect of acupuncture.

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